Thank you for your support -- your voice was heard loud and clear! The House passed a transparent airfares bill to allow airlines to show how much of your ticket price is actually going to federal taxes!

Taxes increased again July 21st, 2014

While the House passed a bill, Senate action is unlikely before the November elections, and issues important to airlines and their customers will take center stage in Congress next year as the FAA’s authorization is debated. The fact that the bill passed the House of Representatives sends a strong signal to legislators writing the FAA Reauthorization that this issue should be included and addressed.

The airfare transparency campaign pointed out the ever increasing tax burden that keeps getting unfairly piled onto air travelers. Beginning July 21, the tax air travelers pay for the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) more than doubled.

Adding insult to injury, the White House’s radical change as how the TSA tax is assessed means that passengers with multiple stops longer than just a few hours could face enormous costs for each additional leg of their itinerary.

Through these actions, the government plans on collecting $1 billion in new TSA taxes from air travelers and not even spending it on security! One of TSA’s own examples showed a multi-stop itinerary with TSA taxes totaling a shocking $33.60. That’s wrong.

If you are stunned at the ever increasing cash grab by the government, we invite you to learn more an take action on the website to send a letter to Congress and the White House, and share your support on social media.

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